Does Your Child Hate Going To School? Here Is What You Can Do

How To respond When Your Child Hates School
How To respond When Your Child Hates School

Parents often face problems readying their kids for school everyday, but it’s mostly because their children are too lazy to get up out of bed, or they have forgotten to do their homework. However, that is not the case all of the time. Your child might hate going to school due to multiple reasons. They might be getting bullied, feeling lonely, unable to make friends, afraid of exams or they have trouble learning. Here are some ways you can find out if your child is facing any problems in school and what you can do about them.

How to find out the reason why your child hates school :-

  1. Read your child- Ask your child questions about school, and read their expressions every time they talk about it. Knowing if your child genuinely does not like school or is just too lazy to go to school.
  1. Talk to them, listen to them- If you realize that your child is really facing problems and is finding excuses to miss school, the best way to find out the problem is to talk to your child. Sit with them up close, look them in the eyes, make them feel comfortable talking to you, making sure they know you are there for them.
  1. Talk to your child’s Class teacher- Even after doing everything you could but your child would not open up to you, the last option would be to meet up with their class teacher.

What to do after finding the reason :-

  1. Victim of bullying- If your child is a victim of bullying, you must take immediate action to stop it from happening again. Talk to your child, remind them that being bullied is not their fault, and that you will take care of the situation. Talk to the school teacher, principal or a school administrator and suggest them to take anti-bullying measures. 
  1. Feeling lonely or not able to make friends- Sometimes, children find it rather difficult to talk to kids their age, they feel that they do not fit in, feel lonely. If this ever happens, a parent should teach their child social skills, teach them to choose the right person to be friends with, to choose the right company to hang out with. Always make sure that your child should not feel at fault, as the famous quote by Dr. Seuss, “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”
  1. Fear of exams or inability to learn- A problem that most of the kids face. Parents must always know the right thing to do here. Too much pressure on the child would make them very anxious and implode. Make your child a comfortable study time-table, and make sure they have a proper atmosphere to study. Marks do not define them, is something every parent should know. 

If your child is going through something in school or at home, please do not take it lightly by assuming it’s just a phase. They might have Anxiety or Depression. These are some of the issues most children face. Talk to them about what’s wrong and help them in every way possible. If they do not open up to you, please consider Child Therapy or Counselling.

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