Ways To Keep Your Cool- How To Prevent Yelling At Your Kids

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Hey parents, We at Cub McPaws are parents ourselves, and we know how tough it can be to keep our calm while babysitting children. Shouting OR Yelling at kids when they do something bad and mischievous can make it worse. They would feel hurt or embarrassed, scared and betrayed after someone they love yells at them. Study says that frequent shouting at a child can lead to traumatic stress and low self-esteem later in their lives. 

So we found several ways to keep your cool- prevent yelling at kids!

  1. Identifying what makes you angry-
    Children, no matter how innocent and cute, can get on our nerves when they misbehave. Yelling at them would make no difference. Instead, it would just upset them, making it harder for you. Identifying and preparing a list of things that trigger you would make it simpler for you to explain it to them. 
  1. Keep your voice down-
    Keep the volume level to a minimum. Talking in a high volume on an everyday basis normalises a toxic environment in the house. This would lead to your children doing the same during every difference of opinion. 
  1. Reward your kids-
    Rewarding children for good behaviour is very helpful. Everytime your child does something good and is rewarded for it, it helps them understand the difference between right and wrong, good and bad. They realise that what they did has made their parent happy and has put a smile on their face, wanting them do it more often.
  1. If you are not already, then start meditating-
    Parents who are stressed about something, are more likely to yell at their kids. It is no secret that meditating daily helps reduce stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, resulting into a calm, collected you, knowing how to control your anger. 
  1.  Have a conversation with your child-
    Sit down with your child. Have a lighthearted chat with them adding humour but also effectively explaining what they do is something that upsets you. Make sure they are listening to you. Make eye contact, and be close to them.
  1. Remember, you are your child’s first role model-
    Your child loves you. They will look up to you, adore you and copy whatever you do. If you talk negatively about people, be rude to people, use inappropriate language, they will learn from you. They will use it when talking to their friends, classmates, sometimes even teachers. Always remember to control your tone of voice, language and be nice to everyone around you.
  1. Bond with them-
    Family time is important. It’s not rocket science that spending quality time with your kids helps maintain a healthy and a happy relationship between the family. This would help you know your child’s likes and dislikes. Some laughs in the family will definitely make the bond stronger.  
  1. Last but not least, Have a life-
    We do not mean it in a rude way, but having a life that revolves entirely around your child will make you go crazy. Parents often leave their jobs and hobbies when their child is born. Looking after children every single day can be physically and mentally exhausting. Some parents not only leave all their hobbies behind, but also stop having a social life. This creates a lot of stress, and it is a time bomb waiting to go off, and children are the most likely to be the victims here.

Take some time off for yourself, drop your kids to a relative’s house for a day, go on a nice trip, detox yourself and restart your hobbies. Everyone is allowed to enjoy once in a while, even parents! ;

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