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What is one thing kids absolutely love? Challenges. Young children are always curious and love to learn new things. Challenges for kids activate their brain and stimulate them to think in and out of the box. This helps in training their brain and increase their General knowledge. Quizzes are a great form of knowledge. They promote a fun way to study, have a healthy debate with friends, and learn informative facts in a much more creative way. When a child solves a quiz successfully, it also increases their confidence and makes learning enjoyable.

At a time like this where studying in a formal way is killing the innocent curiosity present in the youth, here comes Cub McPaws to the rescue! 

Cub McPaws: The kids’ network has provided an interesting game-like feature, called the McQuiz, where children get to solve exciting and informative questions. These questions are multiple choice based, making it easier for children. One new question everyday, these questions make your kids come back for more! McQuiz covers questions from 70+ genres! Be it purely informative genres like flags, logos, animals, maths and languages or be it Entertainment genres like movies, actors, singers, food, dance, music and much more, Cub McPaws’ McQuiz has got you covered! We also find it important to cover unique and interesting topics such as palaeontology, phobias, philes, etc to never let the curiosity in your child fade away.n1 D6RMKqR63i6UpaIlHTmQkM Ok X97mA wYojGBXBr 8VgUj7HpbxRl VKGOPk0177acb7tFvZTEYMEuRvuRj XO90nn5kI3ijHat GcJaBb1a4NdIYVBCBCukw38MOqu4cA toJ1K2vg

Press the three lines on the top right of the Cub McPaws app homepage, and that is where you find McQuiz! As it says in the picture, Take Quiz every day and earn McCoins, did we tell you about McCoins?

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 What are McCoins?

The nation of Cub McPaws called McPawnia, has their own currency, called McCoins.

How to earn McCoins?

McCoins can be earned by adding friends, adding posts on your profile, engaging with other features on the app, but most importantly, they are earned through answering the McQuiz questions. For each question answered correctly, you earn 10 McCoins. If answered incorrectly, you get another chance. However, answering correctly the second time will give you 7 McCoins.

How can we use McCoins?

McCoins act as digital tokens and can be used to avail amazing offers and discounts on shopping for kids’ apparel at Cub McPaws!

McCoins are also required to participate in McContests. On the Cub McPaws app there are more than 25 McContests & by particpating in these contests, kids stand a chance to win scholarships worth Rs. 6 lakhs.

What is the purpose of McCoins?

Not only does McCoins have discount benefits, but our own currency also has psychological benefits. Let us explain.

McCoins acts as a reward every time a child answers correctly. Rewarding kids is a great form of teaching them right from wrong. Being rewarded every time they do something right teaches them to always ‘do good, get good’. It boosts their confidence and makes them feel better about themselves. It also helps teach financial literacy to the youth. On top of that, knowing that earning more McCoins helps them get clothes at an amazing discount from their favourite Cub McPaws store, would put a huge smile on their cute face!

Play McQuiz everyday, earn McCoins everyday! Download the CubMcPaws: The kids’ Network now! 

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