How You Can Help To Get Your Kids To Make Friends

Does your child struggle making friends in school? Is your child shy and socially awkward? Some kids are unable to make friends in school because they find themselves different from their fellow classmates. This is not their fault. Sometimes, some young ones have a hard time socialising with kids their age. It is not their fault. Here are some ways to help your child make friends in school.

kids making friends 1

Kids making friends

Why your child has trouble making friends :-

  1. Social Anxiety Disorder in Children-
    Social Anxiety is the fear of situations that involve interacting with other people. When kids have SAD, it makes them super anxious and worried with the thought of having to start a conversation with kids their age. This makes them struggle making friends.
  1. Coming off as aggressive-
    Loud, aggressive behaviour can be a normal part of a child’s development, but not every child can understand that. Some kids come off as aggressive even though they are just being friendly, and then it becomes hard for them to make friends.
  1. Not being able to connect-
    May it be school, may it be the neighbourhood, or the classes your child goes to, they might feel like they do not fit in with the other kids. This makes them nervous around them and they start to avoid interacting.

Reminder :-

This is a gentle reminder for parents that this is okay, this is not your child’s fault, and you need to remind them that. They should not feel unheard and feel like it is their fault they do not have friends. Always listen to them and help them in every way you can. Friendship in childhood is very important in life.

Ways to help your child make friends :-

  1. Teach your kid Social Skills-
    Firstly, tell your child to scan the class carefully. Finding the right person to approach and make friends with is very important. Then, teach them how to approach, find some interests and start a conversation. Tell them to smile and be friendly.
  1. Practice at home-
    Approaching and starting a conversation can be a very tough task for children who are nervous and awkward. What can help is if you roleplay as a child and rehearse with them on how to start a conversation. 
  1. Create Opportunities for your child-
    Find hobbies that your child has interest in, and make them join classes. This is an example of Two birds One stone. This would help your child improve their skills in the hobby they are interested in, while making it easier for them to make friends as they will have the same interest in the class.
  1.  Know your child- 
    Know your child’s likes and dislikes, so that you can analyse other kids yourself and know if your child would be good friends with them or not. Once again, having the right friends as company in school and the neighbourhood is extremely important.
  1. Set up a playdate-
    Call children of your friends to your house, call children that go to the classes your kid goes to. Keep some board games, food and a lot of other fun activities that would make the other kids want to come more often. This would make your child popular amongst them and their friendship would grow stronger.
  1. Do not force your hand-
    When your child is having a conversation with another child their age in front of you, let them be. Do not get in the middle of the chat, be natural and see how it works. This would let you and your young one understand and find the missing keys. 
  1. Teach your child to listen-
    Everyone loves a good listener. It is basic manners. A child loves to talk and loves to be heard. If your children listen with enthusiasm and interest and match the same energy, making friends would become an easy everyday task for them.

Remember, this is a slow process-
This will take time. It has to be worked on every single day and your child needs to be reminded regularly that he will be alright. Make sure you talk to them about their day and cheer them about every little progress they make. Rome was not built in a day, but it was worked on everyday. Remember that.

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